• Lauren Dyche

Wrapping Up The Gift of 2020

There's seems to be an air of the heaviness of 2020 muted. Whether everyone has decided to pause their problems until the new year, the magic of the holiday season or perhaps between everything else we are truly pausing to be in the present. Either way, 2020 has brought a lot to us all this year. To some it brought loss, faith weight gain, perspective, the list really could go on. Either way, no matter how terrible, 2020 was a gift. You just need a moment to have your perspective challenged and a change of mind to see it.

Like most, 2020 was the hardest year of my life. At the beginning of the year I found myself saying goodbye to my husband at the Denver Airport as he walked away to begin training for the Army. This was also one month after I had put in my final resignation at my teaching job (something I never thought I'd do) and began the year saying and preparing for goodbyes. Two months later, the beginning of lockdown and shutdown began, online school and remote working. As the week's progressed, everyone felt like it was just a brief change in plans. Nothing but a pit stop or a flat tire of the road trip of 2020. Little did we know that we all we're going to find ourselves in what felt like National Lampoon's 2020. We did not return to "normal". The months rolled on and like many, I had even more taken from me. Now I know, that while you read this you're beginning to say, "Wait Lauren, I thought you said 2020 was a gift?" Yes, I'm getting to it. Travel plans cancelled, the Army denying visits and expected timelines, I was at home with my fur babies, forced to be with myself and without distractions. As time went on, my language changed. I wasn't forced to be alone. I CHOSE to be alone. I LOVED working from home. I was EXCITED to take my day on my own pace.

When Kalib FINALLY returned home (of course our first Army separation would be a Global Pandemic) we had less than 60 days to find a home and move to California. We got scammed, we couldn't find a rental truck, twice, and had brakes go out along the way among countless other problems. But we made it. We unpacked, we met our new community, we learned new walking paths, we started our new jobs, we learned and grew. Nothing has gone according to plan. Literally nothing. We survived it.

You survived it. You survived whatever hell, unexpected change of plans, loss or whatever 2020 felt your way. The gift being courage, preservence, bravery, inner strength, adaptability, the importance of health, the gift of perspective. Nothing in life is guarenteed. Love, life heath happiness, none of it is a guarantee. But they are all choices. The gift of 2020 is that we were given a lot of choices and at the end of the day you chose to endure. You chose to continue. That my friend is a gift.

Some people think that January 2021 is when they'll start again. They just had to "make it through" 2020. But the gift of 2020 is that every day, month and year counts in our life.We've been in a pandemic for 9 months. Let that sink in. Most people don't want to exercise in their day because they don't have time. No, no. You've had 9 months. 9 month of being given the gift of being uncomfortable. There is literally nothing at this point more uncomfortable than the state of America at the moment. So whatever is that you are waiting for, just do it. We don't get to know how many chapters are in our book or when a plot twist will take place. All we can do is turn the page and keep reading.

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