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What We can Learn from Fall

Fall is in full swing around here. Meaning that my personal calendar is stuffed to the brim from now until Christmas with outings, parties and get togethers already. It's also time for seasonal colds, sneezing and itchy eyes, especially for my Colorado folks! Regardless, Fall has always been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. Sure, I'll be #basic and fully acknowledge that I live for pumpkin flavored coffee and pastries. I immediately whip out Hocus Pocus and the Nightmare before Christmas and love singing along to EVERY song including Sarah Jessica Parker's little tune luring small children to my Garden of Shadows... You already know that I pulled out ALL my blanket scarfs and boots! What can I say, I am a sucker for Fall. I even love Fall because as a teacher, it is the time of the school year where students are fully being themselves and meetings with parents begin.

In most recent years though, fall has been such a significant symbol for beautiful change. Of course there is the obvious wonder with watching the tree leaves turn from green to the myriad of colors spanning from gold, red to orange. Just like the leaves, it is a natural part of life to need to let go of things that are no longer serving us. We tend to want to "keep things alive" longer than they can substation life. For example, we may hang on to old clothes we " hope" to fit into again. Or perhaps we hang on to a memory that once was in bloom. Regardless, we need to let the things that are no longer serving us fall away to make room for new growth and blooms.

This is also the time of year when animals such as elk, begin their mating season, the rut. My husband and I have made it a tradition to travel to Estes, Colorado each time around the Fall Equinox to bear witness to this magical event. Now, stay with with me folks, we don't head up to the mountains to watch elk hump. For me, it is such a beautiful and majestic event to witness because the male elk bugle, a series of high pitched whines, to attract and call in potential mates for their herd. But they also have to fight and defend the herd they have acquired. I love this cycle as a metaphor for growth. Like elk, we too have spent the year building relationships, chasing down goals , survived and paid our dues, but the fall season always tends to bring new challenges we must fight against and honestly, it is the time of year we need to be surrounded by loved ones the most. This is the time of year we tend to loose sight of our "herd" because we feel an obligation to spend holidays with family. We also tend to loose intimacy with our partners because "we're too busy" to fit anything else into our schedule.

Photo By Lauren Dyche

We need to take head to a lesson from the elk during this time. Instead of filling our schedules to the brim with so many commitments that we loose track of time with our loved ones, we need to prioritize spending time with them and singing out our love and adoration for having them as a part of our herd. Like the elk, instead of letting go of our hard earned healthy lifestyles, goals and other priorities we need to fight to maintain the alpha-like mastery we have .

Take time this Fall to relish in the beautiful reminder this season gifts us with. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "Life starts all over when it gets crisp in the fall".

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