• Lauren Dyche

Trusting in Signs

This last week was been beautifully divine. I had let go of what must be done and slowed down enough to listen to my soul and inner intuition. I had surrendered to what felt right each day and the satisfaction, inner peace and acceptance I felt were fantastic.

As a reforming Type-A personality, this is something that I do not normally fully allow to happen in my day to day. But this last week, with the power of the New Moon in Aries and the abundance of assurance from the Universe, it was a graceful transition.

I have always been a person who felt a sense of a connection to "signs". Meaning, that I always new that "dejavu" wasn't a coincidence and that certain animal totems or "spirit animals" were appearing in my life for a reason. I always felt like there was a deeper meaning with my daily interactions with the world around me. I'll write an entire post on Spirit Totems another time, but for now I will share that the Universe uses animals as one of divine guidance in my life. Last week, I saw a robin every single day, twice a day. It did not matter if it was out back or getting into my car in the mornings, a robin was always waiting for me and when eye contact was made, it would fly away or sing. Then in the evenings, a robin would again appear sitting on the fence outside my window waiting to be seen from the kitchen, and again, once eye contact was made, would fly away or sing. Robin's have multiple meanings, depending on what culture you look to for spirit totem wisdom, but generally speaking the symbolize a time to let go and embrace renewal of creative energy and possibility. For the last three weeks I have been struggling with second guessing writing this blog, sharing more of my personal life and lifestyle on social media and with writing my first book, but the daily assurance of the robin has been difficult to ignore and comforting and reassuring that I am on the right path.

I think that is the thing I am learning the most this week, is that when we let go of expectations and trying to control our daily lives, it allows for endless positivity and reassurance to come in. Or put differently, when we trust in the Universe, the Universe will conspire to provide all the opportunity and support to fulfill our dreams. I finished the book, "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins this week. (There's robin in her name folks) and in the final chapter of the book, Mel discusses her love for the book "The Alchemist". For the last three weeks, this book has either been on an inlet or table at almost every store I went to and has been circulating around my head as a need to read but I never pulled the trigger. So upon finishing Mel's book, I immediately started "The Alchemist" without even thinking. Ladies and gentlemen, I read about one book every week or two, but I very rarely have ever read a book cover to cover in one sitting. I started "The Alchemist" and read it cover to cover. I immediately felt a kinship with the main character in the story and felt as if I was meant to read that book, on that exact day. As if things couldn't get any "spookier", I realized that the evening I read the book was on the evening of the New Moon in Aries, which in the shortened version, is very significant in Astrology. Generally speaking, New Moon in Aries signals the start of the New Zodiac Year and the possibility for manifesting new dreams and with my personal House being in my 11th House, the house of dreaming and wishing, I was overwhelmed with the reassurance to dream and manifest my new desires and possibilities. Then today, upon sitting down to write this blog, a video about the significance of the Astrological Planetary movements and pending retrogrades in the coming week, the woman speaking mentioned that the time ahead this month is one to be compared to "the guidance a shepherd is for a flock". Folks, the main character in "The Alchemist" is a shepherd!

Whatever spiritual gifts you have, they are yours. The Universe knows how to guide and support you if only you open yourself up to the possibility the The Universe is working for you and that life is happening for you, not against you. Reassurance, guidance and support will alway appear when you need it if only you are willing to trust in it. Allow yourself the grace and freedom to trust in your inner guidance and wisdom.

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