• Lauren Dyche

My First Reiki Healing Experience

Last week I went to a Reiki Energy Healer for the first time. As an individual who is on a path to spirituality and wellness, this was something I have wanted to try for a while but haven't felt "ready". I had a ton of expectations in my head about what it would be like, what needed to be "healed" and what I hoped I get out it and I can honestly say it met and exceeded all of them. From a client perspective, I can only share my personal experience and my personal opinions. Any kind of individual and personal work is going to be just that, personal. So regardless of my experience, if you think that energy work or healing would be beneficial to you, then go for it Boo Boo!

I am a people person, and my Reiki Energy Healer was introduced to me through a friend and after a few encounters I felt safe enough to trust her with it and commit. If you are unfamiliar with the general process, a healer uses trained techniques and energy crystals to work through to your chakras and aura energy. As a client, you lay on a table and enter either a meditative state or basically take a nap while the healer works with your energy field. Once my healer got to work I went into my meditative state. I will say folks that I have been working on meditation, Nidra yoga, sound healing for the last two years and it has taken me a very long time to get comfortable enough to "let go" and relax. So if you are thinking about going in for a healing, then I would make sure you are comfortable enough to lay for a long period of time in silence. As I laid there I felt very comfortable and open to healing. I knew I had a blocked root chakra, which deals with security and safety. I also have been working on being more open in my marriage regarding my emotional self and expression of vulnerabilities with Kalib, so I wasn't surprised that the majority of her work ended up there. As she worked, I experienced a variety of things such as a feeling of laying in a boat and gently being rocked, to having a vision of a pink Dalia flower blooming. I also had the feeling of being enveloped in warmth. Once our session was completely, she gently brought me back to consciousness with gentle movements and stretching. I have never experienced such a sensation of thirst in my entire life. I felt as if after relaxing for an hour I was beyond exhausted and had to drink water immediately. I then spent about 45 minutes in a detoxing and healing crystal room. If I've lost you here, oh well, but honestly if it works for you, then do it! Crystals are one of my things and it works for me. You know how to heal your mind, body and spirit. If that's prayer, mediation, kick boxing, yoga, journaling, coffee, music, whatever, do what works for you.

After my healing session was complete, I was very tired, sensitive to sound and just wanted comfort. I spent time journaling, talking with Kalib and took a long Epsom Salt bath. In the following days, I was a little more sensitive and irritable but definitely felt like "something" had shifted. That's the power of everything we do folks. If you believe that something is going to work, or has worked for you, that positive mind-body connection is healing in itself. So whatever it is for you, take time to always listen to your body, mind and soul. It knows how to heal itself and will clearly communicate its needs to you if you only slow down enough to listen.

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